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New Blog

So idk why you people are still here since I haven’t posted anything in forever. But if you liked my blog then you can follow my new one.

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I remember the first season

And being all oh this is a cute anime about magical girls in a fantasy land trying to rescue a princess

Then they kill the big bad

and then the princess goes berserk on their asses

Now I am interested


oh what a precious magical girl anime

cute art

cute chibi cutaways


and over the top spell sequences.

then it happens.

and it happens again in the second season.

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Vanitas: Underwater Photography by Alexander James

Romantic underwater photography. Still life scenes meticulously created in huge dark tanks of water then photographed. Artist statement:
This series revisits the work of the 17th century Dutch masters using period props, food and real insects including butterflies that I breed myself. Each carefully staged underwater scene is captured in-camera, using subtle distortions of light and movement from the water’s own wave energy to create a unique and painterly effect without either traditional or digital post-production. The subjects appear to be floating in a black space which neither interferes nor disrupts the subject matter but interacts with it within this void to offer a serene and dreamlike sensation. 
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Amazing Street Art from Plastic Jesus

From the crowded urban streets of Los Angeles, California comes a street artist known as Plastic Jesus. He creates incredible and controversial art installations, such as a giant mouse-trap with credit cards as bait, a fake grave with flowers and a mock rifle positioned as a headstone for the 11,458 people killed during 2011 and 2012 with automatic weapons or a giant spilled can of Mountain Dew cordoned off as if it were toxic waste. He consistently creates public mixed-media pieces that point out the negative aspects of our culture into something thought provoking. The installations above are titled as followed:

  • Stop Making Stupid People Famous
  • Credit Trap
  • Toxic Hazard
  • No Kardashians
  • American Excess
  • RIP 11,458

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Angelic Pretty fashion show at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii (Paris, September)
Close-up pictures here (´ ▽`)

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